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Simple. Fast. Gorgeous.

How fast can you Smove?


Trying to stay alive has never been this fun.


Swipe up, down, left, and right to dodge your way through 10 simple yet challenging levels all while vying for the top spot by collecting the most points.


Think you have what it takes?


Then show us your Smoves!

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I love this game! Really fun and smooth. Although the game is amazing, I think it would be cool if there was like a timer system where it counted how long it takes to get to each level. This would allow the player to try and race themselves. Also, it would be AWESOME if there was a way you could start on a higher level instead of having to waste time on the first couple of levels. But you couldn’t just unlock it by getting to a certain level once. For example, if you were to clear the first level 100 straight games then you would be able to begin on level 2 from then on and so on. So let’s say you’re able to get to level 4 every time off the bat and you’re able to prove it by repeatable results, then you shouldn’t have to waste time on the easy levels. However, it should require a high number of games in a row in order to prove it wasn’t just a fluke. THESE UPDATES WOULD BE AMAZING!!!!!

Dee 2115

Hi! Thanks for such a fun game :). I was just playing and thought of a minor suggestion that might result in a useless complication but could introduce another level of reputation and challenge to your game. Now that the points spawn instantaneously, following the collection of a preceding point, I think it would be interesting if a timer was incorporated into the score of the game. While also judging one’s performance by the amount of points collected over the course of a life a multiplier could be employed to increase the player’s score (by however much…) corresponding to the time it has taken the player to reach their specific distance in the game. I hope this makes sense. Again, thanks for a fun and gregariously addictive game.


I’ll start by saying that I’m currently ranked #16 of all of the people who’ve played this game so far, so you know I have some time on the game.

This game is great. It’s fun, addictive, and just challenging enough that every time I play I feel like I could do a little better next time.

The only thing is that now the dots now spawn instantly after the previous dot is collected, and that makes it a little easier. You can zoom through levels, which makes it a little less challenging. Maybe if you put a short delay between the dot spawn, that would be the perfect balance. Not as long as it used to be, but a little longer than it is now.