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Circadia is an unbelievably simple, devilishly tricky, visual masterpiece.

The premise is simple enough. Each of the levels in Circadia feature a constellation of musical colors seeking a rhythm. To solve the puzzle you must figure out the sequence. Just get the color bursts to converge on the white dot at the same time.


What’s so hard about that?


At the beginning, it’s one of simplest games you’ll ever play, by the end, you’ll be amazed how this basic interaction continues to find new ways to keep you challenged and stumped.


Circadia is a unique rhythm puzzler that features 100 unique ear bending puzzles meticulously designed to challenge your senses. It’s not like any puzzle game you’ve ever played before.


Enjoy with caution.



  • Super simple pick up gameplay for all ages
  • 100 beautifully crafted levels
  • Play morning, noon, or night with infinity mode
  • 6 fantastic mood inducing instruments
  • Full iCloud integration so your progress saves on all devices
  • Game Center achievements
  • Optimized for iPad Retina, iPhone 5, iPad, iPhone, and iPod

And here is what the press thinks about Circadia:

“Extremely clever stuff”
– Edge
“Expect to have your eyes and ears fully occupied.”
– Touch Arcade
“Opens up like a fine wine”
– G4TV
“Re-tunes your brain, harmonizing it with a cadence that lets you hear the world differently.”
– Kotaku
“A brilliant puzzle game where failure is just as satisfying as success.”
– Penny Arcade




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This game is so addictive!!! It’s a brain buster too. You start with a colored sphere/circle and when you tap it, it releases a ring/band that expands in equal directions. It sounds stupid but it gets better. The objective is to get the bands of the colored spheres to intersect simultaneously over the white dot. Again stupid right? But some of the bands go at a lower speed while other go faster so you have to time it just right and as you go higher in each level the white dot starts to move so you have to time it just right. It’s a puzzle and it seems so simple but it’s not – the challenge of figuring out the right combination and working out the timing is what makes this a fun game and passing each level becomes addictive because you want to see what the next curve ball will be. Totally worth it and some fun sound effects too! Enjoy :-)!


I’m critical of all apps/games though this is a Beautifully well done Masterpiece! Download it, you will not put it down. Use Headphones for a brilliant environmental takeover and NEW SOUNDS. New In-App purchase options available so you can unlock all levels and not get stuck on one which frustrates you to the point of wanting to hurl your i-device and yourself out of the nearest window. What’s this clever infinity mode? Find out! Endless possibilities. How can one game be so silky relaxing AND pulse-driven intense? Minimalism at its most skeletal perfection!
•I don’t write Reviews but this is an exception to the rule.

Amazing Developer, Cute, Humble, took time & love from Fans to improve an already 5 star game. Thank You so much 👏 Cyber Hug to you!
~From Texas with Love!


All movement on your screen is smooth and satisfying. Relaxing. Sounds are like the soothing single notes of a xylophone. When you achieve the goal of each level, the two notes combine realistically to create a pleasant combined tone. Same concept with the colors you see. Each circle is a rich shade of all the familiar colors of the rainbow. When each level is complete, the colors combine realistically, as if mixed on a palette. However, when your target starts moving, you cease to be indulged. Then you have to actually WORK for your goal! Every level is worth the effort.