Sticker Swap is out today!

After so many weeks, we can finally share our awesome creation. The premise is simple…….Do you love stickers? Then, you’ll love Sticker Swap. It is the only match game featuring cute, adorable, quirky animal stickers!








Our undying love of all that is sticky fueled us to make the best game we could think of about … you guessed it … stickers.

It’s soooo simple, too! All you have to do is tap on a sticker to swap it out. That if you a match with three or more of the same sticker in any direction they will disappear.

60 Second Mode
IMG_7584.PNG Match as many possible rows as you can in 60 seconds. Score high before the timer runs out. Test your skill against the clock!

20 Moves Mode
IMG_7589.PNGMatch as many possible rows as you can in 20 moves. Tapping a sticker without any matches still counts as a move.

Endless Mode
IMG_7587.PNGThe possibilities are endless in this mode. Keep making matches to try and break your high score 

Who cares about the modes though, play this game …. cause stickers!

Sticker Swap is now available for free on iOS and Android. Enjoy!

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Team Simple Machine


Sticker Swap Speed Art Videos!

Hey everyone!

Sticker Swap, our new match game, is set to release November 20th.  To celebrate, we are sharing a video of the game’s art each day till the release!

Our wonderful artist, Dennise Casurra, documented the entire process from her initial sketches to the final product.


First up, Steve “The” Pirate!

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Patch Notes: Digits v1.4 is live!

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