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Patch Notes: King Solitaire for iOS is out!

Move over 4 Thrones, King Solitaire is here. Our biggest update yet has finally arrived!! Thanks to all our fans for showing us just how much you love this game. To celebrate we’ve done a huge update to the game.

King Solitaire + Online Version:

King Solitaire

First, we rebranded the game to King Solitaire. It’s still the same game you know and love, but now the title reflects what the game is all about. Not on your mobile device? We’ve also launched a web version at, stop by and check it out. Continue reading…

Sticker Swap Speed Art Videos!

Hey everyone!

Sticker Swap, our new match game, is set to release November 20th.  To celebrate, we are sharing a video of the game’s art each day till the release!

Our wonderful artist, Dennise Casurra, documented the entire process from her initial sketches to the final product.


First up, Steve “The” Pirate!

Continue reading…

Digits Update

Patch Notes: Digits v1.4 is live!

Who says the summer is over? We’re just heating up!

In the latest update to Digits, we added the Summer Pack bringing in five new purchasable levels: Aqua, Lime, Sunset, Reef, and Violet. Now, there are over 1000 levels in Digits, and don’t forget, they all have their own star challenge. Continue reading…