Simple Update #13: Next Outcast update will be huge!

This week’s Simple Update #13 is short and sweet.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been released and the Outcast update is still delayed. We have been waiting over 2 weeks for Apple to approve our update. Once this happens, our patches will go back to the weekly updates like we had originally planned. We are not letting this delay bring us down because we are constantly working on projects. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can give you more information!

Simple Machine Developer Blog: Q&A with Iris!

Simple machine outcast developer blog


Hey everyone!

Welcome to our new developer Q&A series. Every couple weeks, we will sit down with a Simple Machine team member and interview them. This will let you get to know the brains behind our games and projects. Our first featured developer is Iris! She is one of our awesome programmers here at Simple Machine.  Now, without further ado, let’s get to know Iris!

simple machine Iris Developer Blog

Frances: How long have you been part of the Simple Machine team?

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The Outcast Patch Preview

The latest Outcast update has been delayed due to upload issues with Apple. An update to iOS over the weekend forced us to resubmit our patch. We apologize for the wait and appreciate your patience.

To make up for this delay, we are giving you a preview of what’s new in this patch: Continue reading…

outcast mood board

How Do You Imagine The Outcast World? Send us your ideas!

Every morning I see a church on the corner (photo above)  before I get to the Simple Machine office. This is not a religious sanctuary anymore and has been recently turned into a clothing store.  But, no matter how much I try to just keep walking, I have the urge to go inside and investigate. Continue reading…

The Outcast Game

An email from Jay makes us stop and think … a lot

We read an email that came in from Jay this afternoon, and while we cherish all the suggestions, comments, and bugs (ok, we don’t cherish bugs, but we still need to hear about them), this one made us all stop and think for a minute. We’d explain more but Jay was super awesome and let us post his thoughts right here to read! Continue reading…

The Outcast Dev Update #1 – Fans take it to the top 30 RPG on App Store :P

The Outcast released yesterday for iOS, hits top 30 RPG on the App Store — BIG THANKS TO ALL OUR FANS!!!

You can grab it here:

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